We can help guide you through your next steps.

Your first step should always be to call your insurance provider and get a claim number. You’ll need this in order for us to give you an estimate and will allow us to work directly with your insurance provider for the most streamlined process possible.

Here’s what will happen next:


Your First Visit

One of our service repair professionals will review the damage and begin to build your estimate.


Damage Analysis and Assessment

Damaged parts will be disassembled to properly evaluate the extent of the repairs required. The estimate is finalized and a repair plan is then outlined.



Repairs to the vehicle begin in order to restore it to the original factory specifications.


Paint Prep

Panels are prepped for painting using the highest industrial technology and standards.



Refinishing Process

The paint process takes place in a controlled environment to avoid over-spray and dust. The freshly painted areas are then polished to match the rest of the vehicle.




New parts are installed and reassembly of your vehicle is completed.



Final Detail

Our service staff will check over the quality and finish of the repair. A final quality assurance check is completed to ensure the vehicle is ready for delivery.


Vehicle Delivery

Our service staff will take you through the repairs of the vehicle, complete a final check, and give you more information about our lifetime warranty and guarantee.