The look of a vehicle is important to everyone. After a collision or accident has made a mess of not only your vehicle’s bodywork, but has also tarnished the paint, there’s still no need to worry. We can fix that!

After the body of your vehicle has been completely repaired, the separate panels and body areas are prepped for painting. This may include cleaning and applications to help adhere the paint to the surface properly.

Primers are applied, surfaces are sanded, and primer is re-applied to create the smooth surface you’re accustomed to seeing on your vehicle. At this point the paint is applied, followed in most cases by a clear coat.

Using standard technology, measurements,  and processes, our paint experts will perfectly match the color of your vehicle. The painting takes place in a controlled atmosphere ensuring there is no overspray and that dust won’t collect on the freshly painted surface.

Your vehicle will be fully restored and looking as good as new in no time.